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Day at the races
Tokyo 2005 Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Day at the races' by these artists:

Cut Chemist Yo, my metaphor, my musical madness Move and motivate those …
Jurassic 5 Yo, my metaphor, my musical madness Move and motivate those…
Jurassic 5 Feat. Big Daddy Kane & Percee P Yo, my metaphor, my musical madness Move and motivate those…

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Comments from YouTube:


The Steward ran his legs raw. Geez. He looked so tired near the end. He leaps like a hare when he runs


@Pozzee The jockey did right to whip him to keep the horse focused.

James Rustles

@Barbara Dyson Barbara you cant read

Barbara Dyson

Alterio. You obviously DON'T ride, you CAN'T STOP a horse when it decides to bolt. All you can do is sit and pray, of course he got tired. She walked him once. You do realise that when he took off he was probably travelling at 37/8 mph or even faster. It's not much fun looking at the ground whizzing by.


And the jockey had the audacity to whip him 😞

Kona Kona

There is just something so special watching a horse naturally run with his heart in it and no one interfering!


This race is obviously not the Belmont Stakes, but it reminded me of the astonishing Secretariat clinching the Triple Crown in 1973. The time he set that day remains the world record!!!

Tatus Maximus

Don’t things like growth hormones and steroids enlarge the heart?

Mary White



Why are we comparing this to Secretariat? Clearly this horse would have beaten that overrated yank donkey who was pumped full of drugs. 😂😂

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