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Tom Lewis Lyrics

With just a quick glance from the truck to the keel
You'd think she was nothing but old rusting steel
It's a miracle she's still around in these days
A century passed since she slipped down the ways
Long after the steamers ruled all seven seas
This was the name still made sailors' blood freeze

Peking, Peking, the name seems to ring
And to see her in South Street would make your heart sing
Long after the steamers ruled all seven seas
Peking was the name still made sailors' blood freeze

She was built when the rest of the trade turned to steam
To the liners who spied her she seemed like a dream
She was bigger and faster when under all sail
With a gale on the beam and the seas o're the rail
Both hands for the ship then she'll care of you
The apprentices, mates, the Old Man and the crew

So many young sailors from her learned their craft
Three masts with square rigging, one fore and aft
And young Irving Johnson, with camera in hand
Signed-on for a voyage with that hearty band
He heaved and he hauled standing tall in the ranks
Of Krauts, Scandahoovians, Limeys and Yanks

Peking, Peking, defying the odds
Surviving great wars by the luck of the gods
This tired old giant dreams glorious dreams
She's sailing forever on a silvery screen
Her crew never ageing, she sails for all time
In black and white glory the last of her line

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