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Lights are On
Tom Rosenthal Lyrics

God stood me up
And I don′t know why
Lights are on
But nobody's home

There ain′t no love like our love
There ain't no love like our love
Like our love, love, love, love, love

Let the last worms go
And roll in tonight
Don't wake us up
We got nothing for you

There ain′t no love like our love
There ain′t no love like our love
Like our love, love, love, love, love

Build us a door
And rest here with me
Lights are on
But nobody's home

There ain′t no love like our love
There ain't no love like our love

Writer(s): Thomas Paul Pym Rosenthal

Contributed by Lincoln P. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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myra crookham

i’ll be updating this everyday. if you’re reading this... thank you.. :)

feb. 16th- on feb 14th my 15yr dog had a mini seizure. i was confused, ya know? she was doing just fine the day before, and the day before that, and the day before that... i cried all night, wondering what we were going to do. at the time, my parents and brother were in the hospital, many hours away. my grandparents were here, watching my sister and i. that night, i sat in bed and cried. i knew it was time. it is time. i’m old enough to understand. on feb 15th, my mom called me. and she told me when she got back, it would be time. oh how i cried even more than i already had. i comforted my baby girl that whole day, wondering why. just why? i questioned god that night. i had never questioned him before. i asked him “why do you have to take her. why would you do this to me?” and i cried myself to sleep once more. now we are back in current time. feb 16th. today i woke up empty. i couldn’t cry anymore. it was hard to look at my dog, knowing she wouldn’t be here in a couple of days. i sat by her all morning until i had to go up in my room for school. now here i am. listening to this song, crying once more. i can’t believe this. i can’t believe this...

feb 16th (later that day) my mom just came home... my dad and my brother are still in the hospital. she told me the most devastating news. yes, i knew she was going soon. but not this soon. 5 days. 5 days left out of 15 years. oh my god. i can’t take this anymore. my friends are mad at me... i have so much to handle. how do i handle this. i hope that if you’re reading this... that you’re there for me. i really need you right now. i gave her lots of hugs and kisses today, but she didn’t recognize me. i tried to hug her, but she just turned away. i stared at her. i cried. 5 days im gonna watch my dog go to heaven. :(

feb 17th. good morning. i woke up not joyful, but also not sad. i have to do online school again, but whatever... the realization that she will be gone has finally sunk in. i didn’t have an appetite this morning, so i decided that i’ll eat something later today. she didn’t want to eat this morning. ugh. i hope she eats later.

feb 18th- hi. 3 more days. it’s crazy. she was with me the day i was born. we were babies together. and now she’s not gonna be there anymore. now if you are reading this, you are probably wondering if we are gonna get another dog... yes. but not right away. i don’t want another dog. she is all i need. and she will always be all i need. all i want is to go on one more adventure with her... just one more. but she doesn’t even have energy for that. and it seems that neither do i. it’s scary because i can’t remember the last time i smiled. i can’t remember my last laugh. i can’t remember the last time that i wanted to stay- i just can’t let go of her. :( and no, she isn’t doing good today.

feb 19- i can’t believe she will be gone in 2 days. i cried a little this morning. my dad and brother are driving back from the hospital today, and my grandparents are leaving now. my throat is just so tight rn. i cried with my mom last night, and seeing my mom cry made my heart shatter into a million. i’m gonna admit one thing. i’m scared to see my family cry. i am so so scared. seeing parents cry is definitely a hard thing to watch... and the worst thing is that my siblings don’t know yet. i will update tomorrow, and the day she has to go. i will also update a couple of days after that. if i even have the energy to go on my phone. i didn’t eat breakfast this morning. my dog ate half, but i could tell she was only doing that because she hadn’t ate in 2 days. i don’t want to eat lunch either. or dinner- when will the pain stop?

feb 20th- i feel so numb. so so numb. i’m just wondering when the pain will stop. i had a little convo with my sister today, since my parents had just told her today. she called my name. i said “yes?” and this is what she told me. “gretel is going to heaven!” and i nodded. yes. yes she is. i went upstairs and cried a little. i cuddled and kissed my dog all day today. i regret being on my phone so much and not spending more time with her. tomorrow will be the worst day of my life. i’m not ready. i thought i was. but i’m not. guys i’m regretting so many things right now. WHY AM I SO STUPID. i spent hours in my room, all day, when i could’ve been with my baby. i’m so sad. i want to give up. but i have to stay strong. i will stay strong. i hope- my heart feels so heavy. my throat feels so tight. i don’t want her to go. she’s gonna be gone- i told myself i wasn’t gonna cry right now. i told myself i wasn’t gonna cry... i want to hug someone- anyone... even if it’s a stranger. someone please tell me it’s ok. i don’t know how i’m gonna get over this. life is stupid. we all die. and then we never see them again, until i hope, we go to heaven. i remember when i was so happy... and that was only a couple weeks ago. i can’t remember what it’s like to smile without forcing it. my cheeks are stained with tears. i’ve cried so much, my eyes are so sore. everyone is telling me it will be ok. but no, it won’t be ok. nothing will ever be ok. gretel brought out the best of me. a part of me i had never seen. god, i’m gonna miss her like hell.

feb 21- she’s gone.

april 5- hey. i’m here about a month and a half later. i am doing better. so much better. honestly, i am ok. whenever you’re losing someone special, it feels like nothing will ever get better. and that’s what i thought too. but it did get better. it does get better. i promise. if you are going through someone like this, it’s ok. although 2 months ago i needed someone to tell me it was ok, it is now my time to tell you it’s ok. please don’t lose your strength. <3

july 7th- haha hi. i’m crying right now because i just read the things that i said a couple months ago. i miss her so much. we got a new puppy though!! her name is ivy. but she isn’t gretel.. i had a dream about gretel last night. that’s why i came back to this video. but yeah, i guess i’m doing better. kinda. :(

oct. 30- hello :) it’s been awhile. honestly, the pain is gone. i’ve accepted the fact that she isn’t coming back. that sounds horrible, but it’s true. she is with me in my heart, and i know that. i will never forget her. <3

Luxcurios Paul

Dear Moon,
You have loved me more than how I could have ever imagined
Your Gentle hugs mean to me so much and I just don't want it to cease
Nothing last forever but that Love you have for me is an exception,
A firm piece that defies all else's belief.
You bought me to the comfort that no one has ever shown me
and there i was, dumbfounded, immensely astonished and greatly mesmerized.
I cannot express the vast adoration and elation you have given me, the privilege and liberty you have condoned me?, it is priceless and i dont have the possession to pay you for it,
I dont even know why you have given me this things despite the sorrows that you have surmounted
You diminished my infirmity while simultaneously you embraced my intrepidity
Words and feelings are not enough for me to express this affection but Please always know that
I Love you.

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olivia hunt

don’t fall in love. be in love. because everything that falls breaks.

Varun K

Good saying but what the difference between fall in love and be in love?


like a glowstick, sometimes things have to break in order to glow.

Mail Man

…what about rubber ducks

Aubrey Bailey

@Salima Lazrak Not everything that falls breaks. Feathers don't break. I would think of it as, don't dive head first into the shallow end of the pool pool. You're sure to get hurt. You walk in, get used to that water, and slowly move in to the deep end

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Laura Davis

this song is honestly one of the most perfect pieces i've ever heard - despite it being so simple. breathtaking.

Sunset lyrics

I agree

Sunset lyrics

So true

Owen Gardiner

Change despite to because 👍

Mabin Thapa

This song 😭

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