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Chaconne in G Minor
Tomaso Antonio Vitali Lyrics

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words cannot describe how much this performance matters to me. Thank you.


Yes, it was quite a beautiful performance. For completeness' sake, try this one:

Jules Vosheva

I’ll be playing this piece at my end of the semester recital and boy oh boy am I excited and nervous and anxious and angry at this piece but at the same time in love with it. I don’t think I’ve had a piece I’ve played that was so intense and full of all of my possible emotions placed onto just 6 pages.. fantastic performance!


@Jules Vosheva That's great to hear, and I'm sure you could've done better, but anyone else would feel the same way. I'm sure it was wonderful, and I wish I heard it.

Jules Vosheva

Vegas thanks for asking! It went pretty well:) I was thankful to have had the chance to perform to a live audience- just before the pandemic outbreak happened. Fortunately, the piece was performed well; still could’ve done better in my opinion


how did it go?

revolver taco

Hope it went well!

Nan Wijanarko

So have you played it? How was it? I hope it goes equally magnificent for you.

This is truly an amazing piece.

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Lucia Fox

Vitali's chaconne in G minor is the reason why I fell in love with cello. Though the first time I heard it, it was played on a violin. I still remember vividly how tears welled up in my eyes when I heard a fiddler playing this piece of music in a church when I was only 6 years old. On that day, I told my grandma that I heard the voice of God from the strings. One year later, I started to play cello. And now 14 years passed, cello has become a part of my life. Every time I play chaconne, be it Bach's or Vitali's, I'm still surprised by the power of music. The melody of chaconne is just like the turbulence of life, from the first cry to the endless ups and downs. Music is truth, purity, love, beauty, and freedom.

Ramona Munteanu

Great musicians playing with mastery and depth amazing music! Congratulations! 👏🏼🎶😇

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