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Robbin' the Cradle
Tony Bellus Lyrics

A broken heart is why
I sing this song to you
So you and all the
World would know
Why I have let you go

They say I'm robbing
The cradle, little darling
Because I've fallen
In love with you
They say I'm robbing
The cradle, little darling
Is it strange for
True love to be so young

Well, everybody says
That you've got blue eyes
But your eyes are
Really brown like mine

Well, everybody says
That you're unhappy
But, with me, you
Really look so fine


Well, they all say
That I'm outta line
Cause I want to make you mine

But what very few people know
That we planned
Everything just so


Is it strange for
True love to be so young

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Comments from YouTube:


Love this song!!!

Donald Morrow

The first time I heard this record, there was no explaining it. The second time I heard it, I didn't just sounded right. That is the magic of a one-hit wonder like Mr. Bellus here. There is no sound like this in the universe...the only way to hear it is to play the record and enjoy.


Stellar memories

William Stroud

i remember this song , nice to hear it again.

Jim Hilliker

I never heard of this one. Interesting. Six months on the chart? Wow.

Peter Emmert - the 1956 Grey Goose

Tony Bellusci was a really good accordion player, but you can hardly hear most of it on this single.

John Robertson

new one to me, risque choon

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