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Tapha Niang
Toumani Diabaté's Symmetric Orchestra Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Toumani Diabaté's Symmetric Orchestra:

Mali Sadio Namalisadio delimabete namalisadio delimabete babiroto malis…

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Comments from YouTube:

Dead Haven

Fun fact, LBP was delayed becasue of this song. they had to get an instramental ver.

Disco Wolf

@Abby Alphonse what were the few that weren’t? My pops copped me this in Minneapolis 😂...where it still is sitting r next to me. I was just checkin if America’s discovered rye yet so now I gt ask cuz wtf if I do lol

Abby Alphonse

The thing is, almost all the 3rd party songs they used were instrumental versions, only a few were not.


@Mag You're welcome, mate!


@Bo_Hazem Thanks I didnt know that. Thats a shame that you dont use Quran in music. I love Latin Christian monastic music although idk of they use the Bible in some of that or not. I suppose that makes sense then. Have a good one!


@Mag Not terrorism, I'm a Muslim myself and it's actually unacceptable to have Quran in music. But some parts like in some countries in Africa and so they tend to have music for everything out of love, and not educated in the matter. So that can offend some other Muslims from other parts of the globe.

Also some Christian parents might not like that for their kids. It's better to avoid all the drama for a universal game that gathers many people around the world from different backgrounds.

The references is talking about God speaking about everyone on Earth is mortal, a reminder to do good and pray to Him so you can go to heaven.

Warm regards.😉

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I always thought that was a giant peacock

CharliePagel CPH

I thought it was a hedgehog xD

Skully The Incrediboxer


Darius destroyer

This really brings back memories, also the song was in lbp the map is called bowa bowa island

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