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It Feels Good
by TraPhik

So I sip a minute made on my flight to vancouv
Curry on my tummy that chicken with bamboo
Knocksteady beannie some burgandy van shoes
Kick my feet up on my seat cause I know that I can't lose
And ya'll know what the name is I'm what they quote call internet famous
Royal penis clean I keep my steel stainless
Advice for the youngins because some of them are brainless
And I'm just trying to stay focus
Keep my head up in a room full of locust
Trying to take a sec to stop and smell roses
But everyone here wanna scream halatosis
In my face so I turn my nose up
Waiting my place for my turn to blow up
Pops looking proud like damn my son grown up
Grab the coronas it's time we toast up, yeah!
And I'm laughing like (ha ha ha)
It feels good right
And I'm laughing like (ha ha ha)
Waking up to a forehead kiss from the Cali Sun
Big booty in my bed squeeze like a Capri Sun
They told me I wouldn't make it can't be done
Now they all want a piece like a pack of gum
I'm making history call up the historian
Put them out their history Doctor Corvorcian
My chick bad she black and salvadorian
So mix fly we ride in the dolorion
Then we crash in cancun
Cut along the beach while grub on some rangoons
She always smell good like the dal sa soon heels with the red bottoms
I call them the baboons
Now you may think what I'm saying is dumb
But I'm really just trying to find my place in the sun
Trying to find a certain purpose from the day I begun
So I can look back on my life and be like that was fun
And I'm laughing like (ha ha ha)
It feels good right
And I'm laughing like (ha ha ha)
So I sip a little something leave the rest to spill
Me and Ricky at the bar running up a high bill
Haters sleepin on me sipping that Nyquil
But I keep them on their toes like them bitches in high heels
Yeah and on my arm is the best chick
Online to big screen yes I'm so netflix
Everyone around me at the party like chex mix
I make my dough and I dip breadsticks
I'm so obsessed with the fame and the fortune
I wanna make it rain hope it pour soon
Money is the root of all evil it will only lead to your doom
But damn the tv is lookin nice in your room
O Lord help my find a balance
Help me find a way that I can use all my talents
Help me find a way that I can rise up to the challenge
So I can have my own show call me Timmy Falon
And I'm laughing like (ha ha ha)
It feels good right
And I'm laughing like (ha ha ha)

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