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by Trademark Da Skydiver

I'm just laid back chilling
In the cut like a villain
I ain't smokin' on em phillies
Growin' kush by the ounce
Put up them 20's and them 50's
Took two pulls and then it hit me
Like an elevator lift me
In the sky I'm so high
Looking down on my city
I smoke 'til I'm silly
In the tellin' with these brisses white
Bitches spending greasy
Cause them blunts got em busy bro
Niggas trying to smoke ahead
I'm back like I'm too busy homie
You can keep that regiment
On the zone off this piffy
But I see this world so clearly
I'm a stoner sincerely
You don't smoke with me... that's eerie
Yeah my eyes red and watery
But I see this world so clearly
I'm a stoner sincerely
You don't smoke with me... that's eerie
Just like from my brother
Man this weed is so fine
I swear Young Roddy trying to kill me
So much smoke - need oxygen
The weed so fine can't comprehend
Take that puff and hold it in
Exhale - blow it in the wind
Ah nigga you should too
If you knew what this game will do to you
Steadily counting benjamins
I'm just sitting here trying to win
I stay on another level
Pull the carboard out and roll em two leaves up together
But these niggas can't do what I do
And these bitches can't go where I go
But still they try to follow
Sipping clicko out the bottle
I live my life full throttle
But that weed slowed me down
Like brakes on marcila-agos
I'm just posted with my motto
And we roasted up this shipment that I just got in from tahoe
We just smoking and watching movies
Feeling like I hit the lotto
Little mama lighting up like she addicted to that pyro
I'm playing the rear view mirror close
I'm ducking from the 5-O
These niggas know how I roll
New whip with my eyes low
I'm smoking on that hydro
No choice - but to drive slow
I'm flying in the clouds
I'm just smoked out chilling
Rolling up them goodies
Plotting heavy on the millions

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