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In Your Wake
Transportation in Canberra Lyrics

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Embreach Morning light came crawling Yet shadows remained Sunken …
Illenium & Said the Sky Losing ourselves And were barely standing Warm body surround…
Illenium and Said The Sky feat. Jeza Losing ourselves And were barely standing Warm body surround…
Lagwagon We all have an inherent body-count accountability Hanging f…
Matt Skiba And so it seems you were to be king for…
Michael Gabriel Love I get so lost, sometimes Days pass and this emptiness…
Said the Sky & Illenium Losing ourselves And were barely standing Warm body surround…
Wolves At The Gate A selfish man, a wretch I do stand, just as…

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Comments from YouTube:

Shawn Newell

I am 66 years old and no history class I ever took, not in elementary school, high school or university, ever covered this. I learned about it 5 years ago from a black friend of mine. I was appalled. They were killed because they were successful blacks! My race, couldn't handle that!

Judge Dredd

I went to high school in Tulsa and we touched on it for a couple of days sophomore year. That’s it. I went and learned about it myself.

Karen Evans

Very very sad why could they just leave them away

i so tired

@Kevin Kincaid you tryna make sense out of hate?

Kevin Kincaid

Yea they were not killed because they were successful. That makes no sense at all.

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Dejaya8 Ahora

One day the U.S. will teach real history. We need for our children to learn of all the ongoing injustices against so many peoples. We're not there yet, but I pray we will one day.

Deeq Ahmed

We were taught this in 8th grade history class……in πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Canada. This is precisely why we have a better reputation on the world stage.

Kongo Zo

Not one surprising thing said in this excellent doc. The sad thing is this is probably a G rated version of what REALLY happened......

Hubert Sang

Any country that does not acknowledge its past history and does not try to improve itself in the present with the knowledge of that history, will never move forward as a nation.

Nobody’s business 1

I pray that every family that was destroyed by this hatred families live to tell their stories until they can no more 🀎🀎🀎

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