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Miss You
Trentemøller Lyrics


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This song pulls me back into my past, when i was at school. and i was bullied, because i told a friend of mine something that needed trust and not someone who hears a secret and 1 day later runs to his other "friends" to tell them about my story. so that evolved into 6 years straight of hating school because of the people in my class i spent time with destroyed my whole set of emotions.. that was the most helpless feeling i have ever experienced and I don't even wish this on my worst enemy.. that time was fucking cruel.
So I looked for something to grab on, and because my ability of trusting someone was destroyed that time i didnt even tell this story my mom or dad or anybody.. Except You, the Internet hears about this the first time.

And when you read this in time of sadness or even something similar to my experience let me tell you my best hint I can give you.
Search for those kinds of people that mean no harm to you and love you unconditionally. because we as social animals - human beeings - can do great things on our own.. but with company we are even stronger.
Don't put your head into the sand (as we say in Germany) keep it up and be picky about who you make friends with. Have values and practice them. Other people will take notice!!!

Have a nice life!

Lewis John Bogdan

When you know
it's time to go
it's time to part
to break your heart
'cos nothing's alright
and the pain you hide
tears you apart
time's not on your side
and you can't put it right
though maybe you tried
but you've reached the Height
you know the rule, things fall apart
but you hope to start
a New Journey on the Road you ride
even though
you miss her shadow
on your right
'cos you need Her
like Day needs Night.

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I forgot about this song for probably 6-7 years and holy shit, so many memories just flashing in front of me


It's nice seeing you here, Rupty!
This song really is something.
Have to admit that I was only recently lucky enough to come across it but it's definetely one of those songs that feels like it's been with you for quite a while.


Same same


@AKASH VIG cheers haha


Just commenting by so that you guys can again remember this song... Enjoy

Olle Lukkoye

Да уж... Заебись...

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Sailor Moves

This song has me so in my feelings and just contemplating the definition of life lol more so than usual.


straight ahead! ;)

muneender reddy

Sailor Moves qq1q1q11qqq1qq1qqqi

Mila van Maanen

Sailor Moves same✨😵

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