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The Kiss
Trevor Jones Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Roshan Annauth

The 28 dislike are the villains from the movies the last of the mohicans


Of all my mp3's thousands of songs.. this is the most powerfully inspirational song for weight training. Such a potently compelling piece. We go to battle.

Luciano Santos

Está musica fez parte do momento mais maravilhosa na minha vida. O vinho ,a sopa...


Was doing my cardio workout when this song came on and almost ran myself into a heart attack....I think I shaved almost a full minute from normal time.

Marko Lazovic

I'm going to put this in my Will to be buried to this song.

Jacob Miller

A gift of a thistle

Akashi Takahashi


Christine Brandt

This is the most moving song on the whole soundtrack. I could listen to it forever. The wallpapers are pretty beautiful

Joshua Humphrey


Christine Brandt

I love the fact that in the movie Uncas and Alice have an unspoken love. Its beautiful.

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