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Golden Hill
Tristeza Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Tristeza:

Wand Quando a noite vem Vem a saudade Do carinho seu Olha meu amo…

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Comments from YouTube:


Random curious fact: "Tristeza" is Sadness in portuguese.


não me diga :)

Adrian Vargas

Kobba In spanish too :)

Sophie Mayyy

Came here from Who Took Johnny. Such a touching documentary

Texas Street Preacher

Me, too! Had to find out what that tune was. Perfect song for that documentary, imo.


I found out about these guys on Epitonic like 14 years ago. There were lots of great math rock, emo and post-hardcore bands on that website. It opened me up to a bunch of music beyond the punk rock I mostly knew of. Then it disappeared for a while but they've brought it back now, so I return there occasionally to hear the really rare tracks I used to listen to that I can't find anywhere else on the internet.


I couldn't help but realize your profile pic is one of the Budos Bands cover picture... Are you familiar of them?

LNC - Nÿl et Zil

life is strange vibes <3


dismemberment plan radio led me to this good ass song. Great to lay back and chill to


gives me a nostalgic feeling for some reason, I love it

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