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The Tempter
Trouble Lyrics

I am the tempter
Ruler of hell
Bringer of evil

Watch for temptation for it is there
Takes his time but loves to dare
All the people they are losing their minds
He don't care, takes all kinds
Says love won't you take a bite
God appears says "this ain't right"
We are damned for what evil has done
You know now the Tempter has won

I am the one
The almighty
I'll give you the good things in life
Take me

It is said God tempteth no man
Keep in mind you know he can
Listen to one now this we must
For we are all conceived with lust
The tempter, he taketh you brain
WE know now who will reign
god says it bringeth forth sin
Take my word it brings on death

This time you have won
but what about the next
You know I'll get you

When you are losing your mortal soul
It's too late to cry to the Lord
Hear me now all you sinners

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Roger F

Electric Funeral sounding?
I'm into God, and pissed we've fouled his planet. So it's SUPER perfect that Trouble is my new soundtrack.
I had their 90's Manic Frustration album accidentally memorized cuz I played it soooooo much!
yeah Trouble was my 90's soundtrack too. In 2000 I bought 5 acres. keeps me really busy.
My new gf wasn't into Trouble, I tried. Fast forward 20 years,
So Now its like bumping into an old friend ya ain't seen in forever!
I MEAN THAT !!!! Of course I never met the guys but we totally clicked, guitar-wise. They write songs the way I would, guitar-wise (IF i was a song writer)
And the backing vocal harmonies, reminds me of Van Halen's bassist, Michael Anthony falsetto voice. That helped launch them, think of Jamie's Crying, 1st album. Kind of a shocker awesome guitar, with amazing vocal harmony too.
Guess I'd say Trouble is a cross of Black Sabbath, Zeppelin, and Van Halen.
huh 60's Sabbath
70s Zeppelin and 80's Van Halen
was there influential 90's and 2000's bands I'm not thinking of? For the 90s lets just say they influenced themselves? cool

All comments from YouTube:

Arysson Lima

R.I.P The Master, the legend of Doom, Eric Wagner. Your music and your voice are eternal.

Gabriel Dobos

A friend of mine said that Christian Doom is the "real" doom, because the fear of Hell is genuin. Best thing I've ever heard!

Marco Montiel

God created the Devil. Let us not forget. God is cruel.

Jarsh Jarshins

Thats the best thing you've ever heard someone say? Uhh, maybe get out more? But yeah Trouble rules for sure.


@philippe holland Dude shut the fuck up and enjoy the music


its more real than you think


That shit is in a bunch of doom songs, and not for religious reasons imo. It seems like they use God,Satan and all other kinda Gods from other religions in songs for the cosmic horror element of it. Lovecraft kinda shit.

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Juan David Lopez

RIP Eric Wagner.

One of doom's greatest

Michael Cole’s Burner

Truly sad, listening to this album over and over

Arysson Lima

Trouble is the greatest Doom band of all times. Rest in Power, Eric. The Tempter is the most haunting song I ever listened. The greatest Doom riff of the 80’s too.

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