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Heirs of Fire
Tsatthoggua Lyrics

Through red flaming nights
You,o Satan,to us will rise
We admit you in deadly blackened nights
You teach your masters obsequies
With mocking, sneering face

In your earthly temple you sit in judgement's might
Inspired disciples of Satanas The Great
We recieved with thanks your coming
Your flaming eye steered the will
As you have taken human's world

Following the way of black for ever here
Only us,Heirs of Fire,in charge of victory

Children of the sun,descendants of the universe
Our strength will fill forever the throats of rebellion
Founder of the planets, born on the stars
Extinguish the mortals,whose brains are unwise
Heirs of Fire bestow absolution on you
O,Satan,You master in us,rule deadly mankind's steam

Dreams like greed,wants for lust
Abundance and squender,sanity and vice
Bestowed by the greatest last will
Testament of your life and genesis
Give us children fulfillment of existence
Never to fail,all to chase who will never be your heirs

Brothers of the moon,daughters of galaxy
To you, o father, our message must blow
Family of Fire stands stronger then ever
Our will and our power consuming the weak
Erecting a kingdom of sun,Your will must be done
Satan The Great, we worship your victorious son

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Comments from YouTube:

Guillaume D.

Anyone knows where the intro comes from?

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