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Electro Jam 3 Demo
Tubby Boots Lyrics

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Earwax Specialist

Also Check this out! Officer with Massive Earwax is Finally Removed Click here for full video


Dear lord what a butcher

Rebecca Hutcherson

This is getting biriny

Zenaida Esmade

@james aroza m

Egregious Queef

This looks like a nice dark what appears to be a crusty/softy combo. As victim of an earwax riot myself about 2 years ago I'd spent the better half of the previous 3 months sleeping in a mountain range (long story)....

With eye covers AND earplugs on/in 99.9% of the time. All that outdoor gumbo combined with all my indoor chowder ultimately becoming compacted one night so intensely I was, according to the a hearing test beforehand, mere percentage points from total deafness

They got it moist/wet enough they were able to - after nearly 4 total syringe fulls of warm water mixed with something I cannot remember - flush it out into a tub identical to the one we see see here. And no joke, it's about 3 times larger than this one. About the size my - an adult male's - thumb.

Yes. My hearing instantly returned.
Yes. It wan an AWESOME sensation

Kasim Sugana


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For some sick reason I love watching these vids.

For3ver_ Eri'Yanah


lizzy moon Gacha


adalberto `ramirez

Only a sick person enjoys this VIDEO. AND I LOVED IT 😆 🤣

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