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Bound by Purpose
Twelve Titans Music Lyrics

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William Johnson

There are many things that make a man great.


But above all, there is one thing that sets them apart from the unknown. Something that pushes even them to attain all these things that cause men to envy and women to weep. Something that leads them ever onward in their quest, be that quest for glory, revenge, riches, or love.


But what is purpose, you ask?

It is a binding, freeing thing that all great men must yearn for. It is the one thing necessary for a man to find himself recorded in the annals of history, and it always carries a high price. It binds us to a life of hardship and sorrow, all but guaranteeing that you will suffer for its existence. You will sacrifice for it. You will beg on its behalf. You will hurt for it. You will weep for it. You will wish to shirk it, to live a life unknown to those around you. You will hate it, you will despise it, and yet, you will crave it.

You see, purpose frees a man from the chains that weigh down the unseen man. Purpose frees us from the chaos of wandering souls, the wiles of the cunning or the plans of the divine. A man with purpose is free knowing that, by his choosing, he lays down his life for a cause greater than himself. He knows that all men must die, and so he charges into the Pit of Doom fearful, angry, full of sorrow, but complete in his knowing that, at his passing, the world will notice. Whether a farmer, a soldier, a doctor, a washman, a mason, a king, or a beggar... Each of these can find purpose in life. With that purpose, each is worthy of all the greatness he aspires for.

There are many things that make a man great.


But above all, a sad truth is that purpose is necessary to lead all men to greatness. To truly live a life worth speaking of is to find a purpose, however great or small. None is too insignificant to impact the world in a great way, and those that walk this path choose their future for themselves. They choose a future of comfort and pain. They choose joy and sorrow. They choose delight and regret. They choose honor and betrayal.

This is the sorrow of the great man.

He chooses to be Bound by Purpose.

Braden Jorgenson

Guily haunted him.
Guilt for his deeds
Chains bound him
Bound him to his knees.

Love freed him
Freed him from pain
Purpose broke them
Broke the chain

Battle called to him
Called him to fight
Gods gifted him
Gifted him the light

Fate bent to him
Bent to his will
Death smiled at him
Smiled for his next kill


(Loop song to get full affect)
Taken by the chaos before her, she stood to her feet at the top of the mountain. Her castle stood just below the river bank as her people rage war upon the evil. She looked over at her twin brother who awaited her signal and her look was all he needed to jump into action. Into a sprint she started forward to the only place she knew as her home. There was no holding back. Her people came first. The throne was hers. It was her blood right not his. Like the wind she flew past the trees. As quick as the ocean her brother guided her through the sea of the battle field, blocking every threat that came her way.
Breath after breath, she forced herself to pick up the pace.
She made eye contact with the rest of her siblings who too made the battle field their home.
Her leaving is what caused this war to begin in the first place. And she vowed to make it right just as she hoped her people could forgive her for leaving them when they needed her the most.
Driven by rage and the need to protect her hands started to glow as well as her lilac moon eyes that held so much pain.
Her brother who she knew could feel her, smiled on the inside. There was no way in hell this fight was gonna end with her death. Not now that she had found her true self through the feelings of her people. In the beginning his vision was clear, this war was to end with her life.... He couldn't bare the thought of loosing her.... But now there's no stopping her. This was it.... This is the end.
Without much effort he ripped into the cranium of enemy before disposing them next to her feet.
To protect her is his only mission... Whether or not he lost himself to his other side.... It didn't matter.
Just in the reach of the castle gates she felt herself being lifted into her brother's arms
The power that ignited from the both of them together dissolved the gates to liquid melted before their feet.
Her curly afro blew over her face from the inhuman speed her brother possessed.
With less than a growl he ripped the doors off the handles letting them fly behind them knocking out two of the guards that attempted to detain them.
Placing her on her feet, he grabbed her hand and led her down the aisle that possessed several rows of their people but their eyes remained on the throne and the imposer in it.
They couldn't help but feed off the fear that proceeded to shine brighter in his eyes with each step they took.
"You aren't allowed in my Kingd_"
Her brother stepped forward, using the little space between them to yank the old man up off the chair that belong to his baby sister. He wanted to finish the kill but he knew all too well who this one belonged to.
Elevating the man off his feet, he turned toward his sister so that she was facing her target.
Slowly but surely she took each step up to the man who took everything from her and her brothers. Who ruined everything for them.... The same one who destroyed her people. There was no going back now. She had to do what was best for everyone.... It was principle.
Taking the last step, she stood face to face with her very own monster. Her eyes blazing with hatred, love, and to come..... peace.
"The Throne will never be yours." The old man hissed at her.
She smiled slightly as a single tear rolled down her face. "Your. Reign. Ends. Here. Grandfather." She hissed before shoving her hand into his chest watching as his last reaction began to form.
His lips parted as his eyes widened in shock. He never thought she would be the one to end him. The grandchild he thought he had gotten rid of. She was here right before him with her hand wrapped securely around his heart, sure to bring him to his end.
"Well done." He whispered a faint smile appearing on his face.
"Rot in hell." She whispered in his ear before she yanked with everything she had bringing his heart out with her.
And with that she stepped back as the feeling of him leaving this earth passed through her and her brother, who dropped the lifeless body of the man they once called their family. "As the one enemy shall fall.... So shall the rest." She said to her brother just as bodies of the enemy began to drop lifeless as well, littering the battlefield.
She turned to the throne as did he brother who gestured for her to take it, which is rightfully hers.
Without hesitation she turned and walked to it with purpose....
Quietly but surely she turned to face her people who for the first time since she was a child refuse to shelter one emotion..... And that emotion being hope.
Taking a moment to stare them all down with a lovingly gaze she did what she should've done before her grandfather tired to get rid of her. She took a seat in her throne, her grandfather's heart still hostage in her deadly grip. All 12 of her brothers made their way down the aisle to the throne to do as the people, which was bow before her.... Their new emperor..... Their Queen.
She looked to her twin who snatched the crown off the deceased before gently placing it on her head where is belonged. All he have ever wanted was before him now and there was no way he was going to let anybody ruin this for her. She was fit to rule, to lead while he was fit to be her protector.
Happiness for once overwhelmed him as he took his place in a deep bow by the rest of his older brothers.... Her sworn protectors.
Smiling to herself, she used her free hand to wipe away what was left of her tears. Now wasn't the time to be sad. She has accomplished her goal... She had saved her people.... Something she will forever do till the day somebody rip her heart from her body like she did her grandfather.
Now realizing she still had her hand around it, she loosens her grip and without looking at it.... She let her powers do what they have been longing to do to his heart since she found out he tried to rid her of this earth.....
With love and peace for her people she closed her eyes and prayed that to them she may be enough... To lead and to guide them from this destruction and on into the future where they deserved nothing other than happiness.
With each plead in her silent prayer the heart disintegrated to ash.
And as the ashes hit the floor she opened her eyes, as they blazed they lilac moon.
"Behold you new Queen." She spoke as she stood to her feet, making sure to step in the ashes of the bitter that caused her people so much pain.
Everybody rose to their feet to look upon the new Queen....
Hope wasn't lost after all..... It was just waiting for the right moment to strike.....
And now..... The kingdom's hope.....
She was unstoppable.


He had fought soldiers, both human and machine for what had been days. All that had come to pass had been leading to this singular moment as - whilst the armies of the world fought for their freedom against their technological overlords across the entire planet - one soldier entered the orbital elevator alone.

With the overrides in place thanks mainly to the sacrifices of decades of infiltration and subterfuge had bought, the pod began its long ascent; accelerating up to velocity. Yet even though he could see through the pod shell windows a horizon blistered and bloodied with red-orange hue and sparked by an endless scatter of explosions and weapons fire of this battlefield and many others beyond ... silence filled this moment. It was the first time he had gotten to think - truly think - to and for himself. Without the implants. Without the cognitive programming. His mind was completely absent of any other thoughts but what he was here to do.

He found his reflection almost a stranger. His cybernetic augmented arms and chest, plating and what remained of his flesh-and-blood body were smattered with dirt and decay, detritus of battle. Minor cuts and pangs of bruising gnawed at his heightened sensory suite as his bodies nano-machine colonies feverishly attempted to repair damage. Was he even human anymore? Were any of them? Had humanity irrevocably changed? Was this all to be for nothing?

As the pod left the outer-most peripheries of Earth's atmosphere, all doubts ebbed away upon a wave of awe and longing. Earth ... it was theirs. They were closest to it! They had bled for it for epochs! These machines only consumed, but never did they grow a life! Create a culture! Birth another life out of compassion and hope!

Looking upwards, his metallic sky-blue eyes reflecting the glow of the stars, Captain David Daemos looked towards his destination. The hive-mind. The Master. The orbital facility that controlled all artificial machine life on the planet. He would destroy it - no matter what, nor the cost - to liberate humanity from the sins of it's own ambition.

And all of Earth would fight with him - Bound by Purpose.

Hastee Afnani

“Winter is coming... winter is here.” - House Stark

“In the winter, we must protect ourselves... look after one another... When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies... but the pack survives!” - Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell, Warden of the North

“I’ve one every battle... but, I am losing this war.” - Robb Stark, the King in the North

“Show them how it feels to lose what they love!” - Lady Catelyn of House Stark

“I’m Sansa Stark of Winterfell, this is my home... and you can’t frighten me.” - Lady Sansa Stark, the Queen in the North

“A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I’m going home... Leave one wolf alive, and the sheep are never safe.” - Arya Stark, the She-Wolf, the Hero of Winterfell

“The only time a man can be brave is when he is afraid.” Jon Snow, the Bastard of Winterfell, the 998th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, the Uniter of Wildlings and Northmen, the King in the North, the real heir to the Iron Throne (the true King of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm), the King Beyond the Wall

“Everything you did brought where you are now, where you belong... home.” - Brandon Stark, the Crippled Boy, the Three-Eyed Raven, the King of the Six Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm

“We know no King, but a King in the North, who’s name is Stark!” - Lady Lyanna Mormont

“The North remembers!” - The North

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This music is absolutely awesome!
👍 All thumbs up for this upload 😊


@Twelve Titans Music we want to download it man please release in download mode

Twelve Titans Music

Thanks a lot!

Hatlábú Farkas

all thumbs for the creator of this music.
upload ? just a few seconds ...

Cor Sijtsma

Is it just me that everytime when I listen to these songs I imagine some final power up/action in a final battle?

Lucy Ann Panter

Nope. It's not just you. I get the same exact feeling

Nikolai Dotsenko

Funny that this was posted three years ago because that's when the cinematic for Battle for Azeroth was launched and had a scene very similar to what you describe with similar music

unsozial Tv

Omg i am not the only one!

Snehan Ghosal

(Holds Nodachi against forearm) Bankai.
Yurushi no Owari.
(Intense blast of blue-white Reiatsu)



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