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Ty Burhoe Lyrics

Om Namah shivaya gurave
Sat chidananda murtaye
Nisprapanchaya shantaya
Niralambaya tejase

Saudações ao eterno mestre
Que existe dentro de nos como o ser puro
Consciência pura, alegria pura
Aquele que é paz, luminoso, sem forma
Aquele que sempre nos apóia.

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Kathryn Stokes

PresenceTy Burhoeॐ नमः शिवय गुरवे
Om Namah Shivaya Gurave
I offer myself to Lord Shiva, the Auspicious One, who is the True Teacher within and without,
Ik offer mijzelf aan de Heer Shiva, de Voorspoedige, die de ware leraar is van binnen en van buiten
सचिदननद मुतयै
Saccidananda Murtaye
Who a__umes the forms of Reality, Consciousness, and Bliss
Die de vormen aanneemt van realiteit, bewustzijn en zaligheid
निसपपचय शनतय
Nishprapanchaya Shantaya
Who a__umes the forms of Reality, Consciousness, and Bliss
Die nooit afwezig is en vol van vrede
निरलमबय तेजसे
Niralambaya Tejase
Independent in existence, the vital essence of Illumination.
Onafhankelijk in bestaan, de vitale essentie van het Licht

Om Ohm

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Laura Laubeova

"I offer myself to the Light, the Auspicious One Who is the True Teacher within and without Who assumes the forms of Reality, Consiousness, and Bliss Who is never absent and is full of peace Independent in existence, the vital essence of illumination." "Om namah shivaya gurave satchitananda murtaye nisprapancaya shantaya niralambaya tejase"

Jose Oschendorf

Obrigado 🙏🌌🕉

Emma Robinson

Thank you for sharing <3

David Fitch

Thank you for sharing, with Love 🙏

The Lemon

This song has to be played at my funeral as I get burned. Along with a voice recording of my daily mantras in the background. I swear the one thing I'm most curious about is death.


Why do I see 2 thumbs down? This is like the best song ever made!



Hearth Yoga


ryan meek

ignorance.blindness.lack of self discovery.This is harmony.:)

Jon Hemperley

Now up to 5 thumbs down. whom are these people, haters of beauty?

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