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Ty Segall Lyrics

I got a girlfriend, she said she loves me
She likes her own way, she won't tell me

'Cause she don't mind nothing, nothing
Yeah, she don't mind nothing, nothing

She's got a new car, she said I can use it
Let's take the guys out, I like to loose it

'Cause she don't mind nothing, nothing
Well, she don't mind nothing, nothing
Yeah, she don't mind nothing, nothing
Ooh, she don't mind nothing, nothing

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Comments from YouTube:


I just got my first girlfriend. Thanks, Ty!!

Doo Doo Moo Moo




Rando Chicken Finger

I feel like he would be more famous than he is right now if he had an amazing drummer kinda like Keith Moon


pepe pfp, opinion invalid

Sam Herrick

Platinumsfex right. Ty is a great drummer, I think it was his first instrument


Ty plays the drums on his studio recordings and in his other band Fuzz

Morris The Cat

yeah it's a chick plays drums in his band. She is just an "OK" drummer. Gets the job done, but nothing spectacular. I don't think he would want to be outshined by another musician in his band though. So a Neil Pert or Keith Moon wouldn't really fit in.

Rando Chicken Finger

IAssassinII I meant like he could become one of the greats.

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Laz Savic Jazzy Boy

any body got the chords to this?

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