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I Bought My Eyes
Ty Segall Band Lyrics

I was a rich man, I was a poor man,
but now I'll never know
They're ringing surgeons,
my eyes have been worthless
And now I'll never see you!
Uh, uh, uh
I'm bringing riches, my eyes are worthless
I still look back and see you...
She was my. she was my other
But now I'll never know, I'm in the dark!
Uh, uh, uh, uh!

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Comments from YouTube:

Jeffrey Tobias

man, that first 40 seconds still gives me shivers and goose-flesh.


That Fender Mustang with reverb and dirt on it is amazing tone.

Kevin Sebastian


Olivier Paillé

At the end, it seems like he launches a riff perfectly mix for the beginning of Communication Breakdown from Led Zep.

Dead Space

didnt even have to hear it, already knew id like it cuz its ty segall, he cant make bad music. Thats just what happens when ur an undiscovered God of rock n roll


This song. Wow. Too epic. So much badassness, drive, and beauty. Really, this should be illegal.

Reis Caffrey

oh shit this song melts my brain every time i LOVE IT

godfrey whiterock

psychedellic beatles!


Beatles were already psych

Genevieve Kuzak


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