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U.M.A Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Suisei' by these artists:

DAOKO Taiyou ga terasu Odakyu-sen-nai Ano ko no naka ja ima mo…
Lovely Summer-Chan 君は知ってるかい?踊らな死ぬ事を 電車の中でいるあの人も 連チャンして掛かるメロウ 出合って娘の目 触れ合う手と手 エン…

We have lyrics for these tracks by U.M.A:

Don't you And you know, chea, and you know Chea, get the money,…
PAIN I've been goin through so much pain (yea) Can't no motherfu…
Stand Up 我们交清 不需要谁来证明 不会忘记 那一段一起走的路 决对不认输 不走回头路 还能保持风度 就算扛着很多的包袱 …
tears Church bells toll Thunder roars around me I've been warned t…

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Comments from YouTube:

Creamy Cakes

I got this song as an ad while watching a vocaloid related video.

I don't regret it, and this is one of the best ad I got so far.

I'm so lucky to get this as an ad, because you're getting a subscriber, mate

Can't wait to see your future projects!

Ru -P

@Sevestra Sin
That's right.
Thank you for registering.

Ru -P

@Strategy Gaming
Thanks a lot!

Ru -P

@Strategy Gaming
Liked this song
I'm glad!!

Sevestra Sin

we're in the same boat mate. Got that ad just now and I'm going to hit that subscribe button too

Strategy Gaming

But it very nice .... Nice work bro

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Meiko is red,
Kaito is blue,
I got this as an ad
And so did you


Not me hehehe

Ru -P

Thank you for coming to see!!


omg this reminds me of those 80's 90's sci-fi animes

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