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Long Drive Home
Ugly Heroes Lyrics

This fucking buzz is wearing off
I'm preparing for the worst sick of staring at these walls
And I should go to bed, I need a fucking shower
I'm suppose to be at work in just a couple hours
Instead I'm pouring whisky-sour
Thinking this entire planet isn't ours
No matter what they say. We see the shift in power
Compare the digits in the bank to yours
So wonder what we should be thankful for?
These student loans, this stupid phones
I rarely even answer, peoples wonder what I do at home
I sit around with Captain, eat and drink a lot
Cause I don't like to think a lot
Cause when I think a tend to get myself in trouble
My blood pressure doubles
An anxiety is coupled
With not so subtle hint to try to tell me
What I'm doing isn't healthy
When people try to help
I just tell them "go to hell"
Let me worry about myself

I spent a lot of time
Caught up in my mind
Trying to figure out what wrong
Just trying to find home
I feel it on my own
Never tought it takes this long
It's too much going on
Writing these songs
And everybody else move on
Feeling left behind
Trying to find home
I never thought it takes this long

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Comments from YouTube:

J. Baked

Eargasmic... every beat Apollo does is perfect for my taste.

Pedro Lopes

Reminds me of my college time, especially 2014-2015. I loved to chill at 7 AM while the sun rised after a good night out with my friends. I knew that i was living the best time of my life. Yet, sometimes life felt like a Long Drive Home. Still working on discoverying myself and my place in this world. Thanks for the good vibes and the amazing memories. What a nostalgia trip.

Timotej Grčar

godly beat and lyrics lov'em


Fuckin amazing beat, lyrics - masterpiece.


So good, so epic! This beat is dangeroustly perfect!

Roberto Torres

The first verse wow that was real deep shit


real music for real people

niklo jave

Ok,for me, it has become a classic. As long as the music is a feeling ... It's a classic!

Bradster X and Coop (BXC)

This shit right here? Real hip hop, this is what it's about!

B Ee

most underrated album

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