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Destroy Me
Unter Null Lyrics

I know you despise me
But what can I do?
You once said you loved me
I took it as truth

I know you'd destroy me
With your very first hit
But it's already done
I'm too scared to admit

The mindgames are timeless
The angish won't end
I've tried to repair the things that won't mend
The heartbreak is caustic
The rancour lays deep
I thought I would fight the battle so steep

I know you resent me
With my every breath
I'm sorry, I'm trying
I'd fight to the death

I know you ignore me
To punish my past
To tarnish my future
I thought it would last

You'll take no more
I'll rise from it all
You'll see that I'm not who I was anymore
You can't tear me down
You can't bring me pain
I will never be the martyr again.

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I used to listen to this song when I was depressed cuz I had a shitty abusive boyfriend at the time. I got rid of him eventually, but not without torturous consequences. Song summed up my life at that time. Still good.

Bogdan Vojnovic

This is a real good ballade, with a pinch of tragic like in Greek mythology


@skauldar mauldar Amazing, right?? I ended up getting a divorce two years after this post with a totally different individual that in the end did crazier shit than the first guy did. I had to find another more positive song to make relative to my existence lol like I gotta change some shit in my life, yo~

skauldar mauldar

CirquexXduXxPsycho I'm going through a divorce, and this song hits hard now. been listening for 10 years. never thought it would really apply


Such a nice music project. I've been browsing for them a lot lately since I discovered Unter Null ^_^ I find several of their songs to have a special richness compared to some other Industrial/Cybergoth bands I have listened to.

Trevor Serra

Unter Null has gotten me through so much shit...endless applause. |m| o_o |m|

Артем Губкин

Офигенное и видео, и музыка. Мощно и душевно.

Discoveringbands by Michael Nagy

Dark and beautiful...These lyrics are filled with so much emotion it's incredible!


I liked this song before, but watching the video just brought it up to another level for me.


I love EBM and I like how this song got from the facts to what happened then moved on to resolution and strength of WILL. Great Artist, glad to have found you!

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