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Unwoman Lyrics

I wasn't looking for -- Trouble found me
It rests with eyes and words for now, my treachery
Does the young planet know the force with which she pulls
Who can blame two bodies for obeying gravity?
Yes there are things that can't be undone
But neither can they be unsaid; you can't be unwanted
Knowing well that this could be the crisis
Despite admonishments I remain undaunted
Now I'm poised to fall the final distance into your arms
The path of least resistance and the most harm
I always get what I ask for
But never know what I want
So when I asked for it, Trouble found me
It lives in flesh and bone, our treachery
I won't ask the lioness to change her nature
However merciless, however bloody
This is not the first secret it won't be the last
I see all the future tears as if they've already passed
As if it's already known
For now we keep it close
I ask again, my friend -- Trouble find me
Remind me how it feels, my treachery

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