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Let Go
Van Risseghem Lyrics

I'd like to believe this cloud has a silver lining,
That after the the rain will come the day
But for the remainder of this night
There's only a storm cloud in my way.
So I'm sorry if I failed your expectations
But I never said I had it all under control.
It's kind of hard to walk on water
When all you see is the waves crash and roll.

And all my life I've been trying to find a way to tell you so
But you always lead me here and say "Follow me and do not fear
You won't fall below so just let go."

All I want to be is just like you
Someone who will make you proud
So when I'm leaving this earth
In heaven, I'm what they're talking about.
But the trouble with being self-righteous
Is treating your acceptance like a race.
No matter how hard I've been running
I'll always be here in last place.

And all my life you've been trying to find a way to tell me so.
So your angels lead me here and say, "If you fall we'll catch you, dear.
You won't cast a foot against a stone so just let go."

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