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So Good to Me
by Vanessa Bell Armstrong

He's been so good to me
(Yes you have)
Everything I ever need
(Yea- ooooh)
He's been so good to me
Oh oh ooh yea
(You've been)
So oh (good to me...)
I should've been dead
A long time ago
Because the enemy tried to tag
My mind my body and my soul
And if had not been for Jesus
I don't know where I would be
So many times I wanted to give up
And call it quits
But you were right there with me
In the midst I'm in
God you've been
So good to me

He's been so good to me
(Everything I ever need)
Everything I ever need
(He's been)
He's been so good to me
Woah oh oh Yea...
So-oh-oh (good to me)

I was ...
A weight of guilt and shame
And the enemy tried
To destroy my name
But in the name of Jesus
I stood up and declared
I'm gonna live
I was counted out, abandoned and discarded
But you were there to mend my broken heart
You've been so good to me
So good to me

(Oh, you've been good)
Good to me
(Yes you have)
Good to me
(When the enemy attacked my body)
Good to me
(And the doctor said it ...)
Good to me
(When I wanted to get by Jesus you were right there
Good to me
(You were better to me than I've been to myself)
Good to me

You came right on in
You picked me up
You turned me around
You placed my feet on solid ground
(In spite of my flaws)
In spite of my own self
When I stumbled and trilled
Over my downfall
Over my shortcoming
Over my mistakes
You... yea
Been good to me
(Yes he is)
Yes he is
(Yes he is)
Yes he is
He's been good
(Oh oh yes so)
So good to me you've been
He's been good


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Comments from YouTube:


One of the best anointed female gospel singers. She sings with the power of God and she sings with purpose.

a v

This is the best song eva

Lil boy is Good

Just sing this song Girl!

Cara Richardson


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