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Mythical Hero
Veigar Margeirsson Lyrics

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Mithril Lover

Lana sat atop Severin, trying to fly three kites at once. Jake was leaning against Severin’s leg, reading his favorite book. Severin watched the little bunnies playing innocently among the buttercups in the next yard. Lana gasped.
“Look!” she exclaimed, pointing to some far off patch of sky. “Red-tailed hawks! I haven’t seen one of those in forever.”
Down on the ground, Jake rolled his eyes. “You got one close enough to you to feed it just last week.”
“Was that only last week?” Lana asked. Her voice was soft as see stared enchanted at the wheeling, twisting, dancing birds in the sky.
“Yep. How’d you manage to do it, anyways?” Jake asked finally, glancing up at his younger sister.
“I asked if he was hungry. I showed him what I had. I offered it, and he accepted. That’s all.”
“Oh, that’s all, is it?” Jake asked sarcastically.
Severin made a low, chuckling noise.

(great music! :D)

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Hammy Kun

The world in my head is WAAAYY better than the reality I'm facing

Nolan Chai

Lol Definitely.

Kimani Coates

+Hammy Kun True words for me, too.


same here!! :O


The raw emotion this piece generates from the get go without a single word, absolutely amazes me.

Yasumin gasai

can i just gtfo from reality already pls


I need to go for a walk now .-.


Too many people live their lives facing a computer screen (I'm one of them) and don't face the truth, the reality around them


I agree


I don't, and I don't expect everyone to take it seriously either, but if one person does and it helps them, I consider it a success. I don't think its insignificant though. The problems our species faces truly do stem from our disconnection from nature.

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