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Carte Blanche
Veracocha Lyrics

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Chris McClurry

No smart phones, no socials, no selfies, no lip fillers, no half mast skinny jeans with shoes but no socks, no painted on shirts, no huge egos.
Just people going out getting pissed/high, loving life, dancing the night away connecting via a common denominator, bangers such as this trance classic 🙌🏻

Adrian Richter

Couldn't agree more Chris McClurry


Got to say I quite like the no socks thing now, but other than yet fully with ya

kieran raven

And then someone had a dream to bring it so I could be remembered for a good reason not the negative and the person your speaking about is perfect in own way your opinions don’t matter she’s perfect to me that’s all that matters don’t worry about what’s not yours💯💯💯💯

Auron Silverburgh VGM

when i bought my firt car this track was one of those that made it on the first cd i burned for the car :D

Ian Dewar

2:43 The BEST DROP in music. No question. Hits like a missile and is the defining Trance music moment for me. Pure genius


I cant think of another piece of music that ive ever heard that has such a perfect buildup, only Beethovens 7th sympthony and some other creations can ever come close to that culmination

Casper Games

its more an build up but yea


no doubt

Michael Montano

@Angela May Hello how are you?

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