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Lay Down And Fight
Veridical Fiction Lyrics

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This is indeed complex but the way he brings it together is truly admirable.

Anna Pymander

lecture BEGINS at 9:30

Tobiasz Budzyński

47:00 Neurophenomenology is an approach that drove me to start studies of Computational Neuroscience this semester!
Looking forward to narrow the broadest topic.


Incredibly interesting, thank you for uploading.

Polymath Park

what Thompson is discussing around 40:00 looks a lot like 4e cognitive science's "small-world networks", a functional arrangement of neuronal connection based upon self-organizing criticality, a concept Thompson touches on in his books. John Vervaeke also explains this in depth in his lecture series, these networks remain functional based on optimizing for resiliency vs. efficiency.

Paige McLoughlin

I like that this talk minimizes the jargon and speaks of lofty topics in down to earth language. Philosophy at its best.

Paige McLoughlin

@Nickolas Gaspar Ok rando

Nickolas Gaspar

Really...he jumped from the loop displayed by the picture to an irrelevant concept (emptyness) and you claim that this talk minimizes jargon!!? ok..


Can anyone recommend any other videos similar to Evan Thompsons here? His work amazes me and this is the most interesting lecture I've heard of his.

Polymath Park

look up John Vervaeke, Josha Bach, and Bernardo Kastrup, all philosophers and cognitive scientists. Interviews on TOE, curt Jaimungal's podcast and Lex Fridman's are very good.

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