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Beast Unleashed
Vin Jay Lyrics

Uh, yeah, the beast unleashed
Whole clique dope we the east side breed
Everybody wonder when I reach my peak
'Cause the bars and the hooks and the beats by me
Say more y'all hate
Then the hotter we write?
If it's wrong, I don't wanna be right
Pits in the booth, and I got a mean bite
Now the money lookin' like I hit the lottery twice
Ain't nobody got time for that, the young white boy coming with the violent raps
And now I've got 'em wide-eyed, like insomniacs
And when the bass drops, sounding like i bombed Iraq
So watch your back, but the kid's been next
All up in the game, gonna disinfect
Wack motherfuckers showing disrespect to the OGs
Bitches, I'ma twist your necks
Might flip my shit, while I flip this check
N to the Y, be the shits I rep
I be at bat with the hits on deck
on the road to the top, don't miss no steps
Been about the business, ya'll won't ever get it
Make another mark and I'ma hit it
Better tell 'em I'm the illest
Let me get a beat, I bet
I'm about to kill it, dealing with the realest
Everybody know I'm bout to do it to the finish, like
Ain't no additional options, know that we killing imposters
Know that we lit and we poppin'
Me and the homies got shit to accomplish
Kid with the mass appeal, livin' a fairy tale
Breaking down the walls, so you better repair the seal
Every time I do it, every bit of the track is killed
People keep on telling me I'm finna get capped for real
But I've been advised, I can either live or die
I don't really wanna wait until a better time
Unidentified, you are not a kin of mine
Spit a line, I'ma eat it up like dinner time
Pit Bull with a bone to bite
So hit me with your best shot, but it won't suffice
I choke the mic, I'm sounding like a poltergeist
Anybody wanna diss, think it over twice
Uh, and I aim for the top
Let me get a champagne, I shake and I pop
Everybody give it up, I came for the guap
Everybody like vin when the tape gonna drop
Still hate, but I'm not surprised
Man, I get it from the best like Pac and Nas
Just know you ain't ever gonna stop the grind
And just pray you survive when the gods arrive, I'm like
Still hate, but I'm not surprised
Man, I get it from the best like Pac and Nas
Just know you ain't ever gonna stop the grind
And just pray you survive when the gods arrive, I'm like

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I hate how hard it is to discover these talented artists. Fire my guy!!!

Kemai's Gaming Content

Straight up my guy

Lukman Tantowi

@Shabarish asa jake

Dan Richards

What are you talking about? You just have to be willing to look. Everything is all at your fingertips. Thereโ€™s always going to the industry trying to tell you whatโ€™s good, itโ€™s up to you to sort it all out yourself.


@Shabarish void


@Shabarish bros really gonna list half my favourite rappers there and act like i wont notice. cant forget eminem tho

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Smokin EZalez 88

The number you want of lyrical rappers to rise over mumble rappers

michael silver

@No You some of them donโ€™t even do that

jamie marsden

wait did i just drop a dope BAR n STINKY BOMB THEN? HAHA

jamie marsden

by mumble rap you mean something like>> this ain't no 1920s crime scene!, they call me tommygun coz i'm mean, this be a click-clack spray'n'pray meme if ya know what i mean?! i'm smoother then billie jean he-he subliminal criminal lyrically free to do as i please! :/ lol

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