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Morning Star
Vinnie Moore Lyrics


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dung beatles

One of the smoothest, most precise to ever grace the rosewood. Thank you mr moore


The Legato (true legato) is perfection:)

John S. Weekley / PRIMEVAL Music

If Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart were around today, they'd be metalheads...


I remember listening to this back in the eighties when I was in the military. There were a lot of "Bach N Rollers" back then and it really became overkill. These super talented prodigies like Moore chased the exalted trophy of "baddest ass shredder" and we all wanted to be that guy. It really was a shame though that they didn't express their talents in a more broad form like being one member of an excellent band with diversity. It was a contest of who could be fastest and most accurate while the heart and feel was left out. I feel they put themselves in a box and then the craze kinda faded and left them with guitar teaching gigs and a lackluster career compared to their talent.

Take Eddie Van Halen...he is was a band member all the way. He was arguably the GOAT but even he knew his place was in a band. He could have put out a few solo albums of EVH shredding and he would wind up in the same place as the rest. He was difficult to get along with but he knew he was born to be in a band and the rest was history.

Not knocking talent and Moore had it in spades but this sort of music is really relegated to aspiring shredders as an unreachable benchmark. The listening world requires something more well rounded, unique and engaging. I miss the old days but can rarely listen to this sort of music for more than a few minutes.

I know he was in a few bands like UFO but long, long after they and he were no longer relevant.


This song is recorded in "Time Odyssey" which I've ever listened MOST FREQUENTLY in my life. (I wouldn't be surprised if I were the most frequently listener of this album.) Every single song in this album is beautiful. He really cares about the tone and volume of the guitar. This is the major difference from other neo-classical guitarists. BTW, did you know that Jordan Rudess played in this album as the keyboardist? I'd bring this album to a desert island.


1:27 famous licks of vinnie moore


Todavía tengo el vinilo original, y cada vez que lo escucho me produce la misma sensación de escalofríos!
One of my heroes of all time!

Marco Flores J.

Es la encarnación de los grandes maestros clasicos este wn.

Miguel True

X 2

Rashid Ferreira

Oh god... My guitar master asked me to learn this, I didn't remember it was so fucking fast! Oh well, that means I have to study even more :)

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