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Wireless Fantasy
Vladimir Ussachevsky Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Vladimir Ussachevsky:

Computer Piece No. 1 Yo-hohoho, Yo-hohoho, Yo-hohoho, Yo-hohoho, Yo-hohoho, Yo-ho…

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Comments from YouTube:

Dan Daniels

My music teacher's professor. That is how I know this piece. It reminds me of newer ambient music, especially Juche or Autechre, or maybe contemporary Terry Riley.

Jk Stevenson

Had this recording decades ago under the title "Shortwave Fantasy." I lost or misplaced the recording years ago, so I am very delighted that this upload is here! Thanks!


wow. way ahead of his time. definitely a pioneer.

mehmet usmanov

2:00-3:00 Wagner's Parsifal


Thank you

Amelia Wright

Kris. She won't be able to stay with us, she'll only be able to be on the station.


Your uncle was pretty damned cool.

Daniel Smith

Such an amazing sense of space in this piece, beautiful!

Csaba Szentpétery

Classic electronic music.

Tony Stephen

DF DF on the spark..

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