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by Wayne Shorter

(music - Wayne Shorter)
(lyrics - Kitty Margolis)

Thousands of years before history recorded
Deep in the jungle a woman stepped on wet clay
And the print remained there
Future reminder of ages ago

Many lives later a traveler crossed the same path
Under the vines he saw traces of that footprint
Silent testimony
Spiritual journey begun long ago

Eons of changes, illusion of some progress
Fearfulness leading us further from the soul power
Known in early ages
When nature's heartbeat rang loud on the earth

The key to our freedom lies not just in our thinking
The ancient intuition that's buried deep within us
Is waiting to be set free
The creator's gift to her children must flow

We call on the past now to show us where to go
We're closer to then than we may want to show
We're closer to then than we may really know
Ancient footprints

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Apostolis Paspalakis

My Father is a jazz musician and used to talk to me about all the greats in Jazz. I was a a metal head since i was a kid. Always listened to metal music like Megadeth, Periphery, Meshuggah etc and couldn't quite connect with Jazz, although i always respected and kept close what my father was trying to teach me. I'm a Musician like he is. I play a few instruments and i'm a singer but also a songwriter at home. One day i was looking for inspiration, but not in music. I was in a weird place emotionally (like all musicians/artists are at some point. We've been through a lot in most cases haha) Low and behold i accidentally run into "Wise One" by John Coltrane. The beauty of that song brought a tear to my eye. I felt like it opened a door in my mind to a room i didn't know existed, that was a huge part of me that was missing. From then on, i decided i also wanted to pick up the sax. I did. Since then, its been my main instrument now accompanying voice and guitar. Then, i ran into this gentleman. The connection to this style of music just got stronger. What else can i say. Pure genius and creativity. I feel like i missed out on a lot and i completely understand now what my father was talking about. Jazz, to me, feels like a conversation between musicians were the subconscious emotions of each individual can be expressed without words. Hidden pain and happiness expressed to each other on stage in real time. It's been done before in other styles as well, but there is just something about it in jazz. It can't be found anywhere else. It almost feels like a grounding effect. It helps me realize there's nothing special about me. We all have pain, happiness, heartbreak etc. Not being special is a relief! I've lived a better and happier life realizing that. ESPECIALLY in today's society. Sorry for the rant! i don't usually comment. I was just inspired. Beautiful song!

Lionel Muggerage

I wouldn't call that a rant. You shared a very personal and inspirational story of your life and I'm so glad that you discovered an affinity with this outstanding music. I call it Math For The Ears. You're right. There is a connectivity-element there and your Dad would be delighted to witness your musical-evolution. Wishing you much success and joy in life.

disposable hero123

ironically, Megadeth brought me to jazz. Chris Poland and Gar Samuelson were jazz fusion musicians and their style of playing got me hooked.

Ken Shiloh

@Arther Ladett Beyond music, good friends, and fine wine, I have found the greatest joy there is found in One Who made it all. He is a good, personal friend of mine. He is called, "Jesus Christ." I hope you know the best life has to offer!

Arther Ladett

Amen brother. Thank you for sharing your experience, which in the last analysis reflects the fact there is a universal aspect amid all experience, besides death, something life affirming that sometimes glares forth and strikes us. We have to say yes, we have to be yes sayers and accept our parcel of existence, and let the music act as a baptismal force. Peace

Ken Shiloh

Same here, but I am old school. Two types of music in high school: Hendrix/everything else. Now, I love jazz, classical, all types of music. I thank God for my dad.


Music my dad used to listen to. There he is sitting in the living room, a glass of balentine ale, bad back, pack of kools, stereo sound now, not to loud....

Kleinequietboy Kleinequietboy

@gungeonmate 420 no dads aren't all the same. my dad, if he listened at all had only Perry Como and Lawrence Welk albumsand other musical pablum and didn't smoke or drink.To chill, He'd eat donuts and watch I dream of Jeannie and Bewitched and get his high skirt, low cut tittle outfit Catholic boy jollies. A very repressed individual. Had me playing bullshit on the accordion (like he did) when I was 8 with a crap teacher. You could say I had a kind of deprived childhood out there in the burbs, on the golf course. I , and my piano playing never quite recovered from the lack of meaningful stimulus. Well, it has, but it took me 20 years of intensive "only black music", blues, jazz, funk re-programming to wash the effects of the polkas and waltzes and worse out of my poor little head. If somebody tried to put on Barry Manilow or Kenny G or the Bee Gees I'd demand they turn it off or I would just leave. I'm a nut job.

Kleinequietboy Kleinequietboy

What your dad needed after a day in the world. So chill, this piece is.

John Valinch

Beautiful, thanks for sharing!

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