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You Burn Me Up and Down
We the People Lyrics

Missy your fiery kisses
Cry for you fiery eye
You burn me up and down
With your fiery eye

Little girl you're my world
And baby you driving me crazy
You burn me up and down
When I look at you baby

Those looks you give
They feel like fire
You make me live
You satisfy

Woman, oh baby you woman
Learning, baby you're learning
You burn me up and down
When I think of you're learning

Missy you burn me up and down

Contributed by Violet J. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Rob Jones

Great stuff !
I have had "Nuggets" for forty years now, but there are still many garage punk gems
that I still haven't heard. This is a killer track by any standards.

Thomas Smith

just when you think you've heard them all another one pops up


Wow, this is amazing. Sundazed released their singles on cd and vinyl. I'll have to pick it up...

DJ big leg

@brudy918 every digital reissue has crimininal overdubs on percussion vocals guitar & bass,yeah i know what overdubs are im not talking about when they add vocal to a different recording & reconstruct a new talking about when they consistently remove vital parts of recordings just to hide the fact digital tech is incapable of recreating a full & true sound spectrum. 


@jamie davey Do you even know what an overdub is? 

DJ big leg

sundazed vinyl reissues are rife with multiple overdubs all original releases are sonically superior.they wont c mon here & say otherwise cause i speak the truth


no, i've had the movie years, a classic....wonder what other roles she had afterwards...i did notice something about comedys but never seen any...weren't they european.


This is groovy as hell
I think there's LSD in the milk

Robert Cubinelli

I luv this. I also dig the wild version by the Fuzztones.


definately a great group, single is pretty scarce though

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