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Champagne Champion
Wes Period Lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen, the Champagne Champion

Little mama, what you in to
She don't want to do it, but she do it if her friends do
Damn, it's been a minute, boo
Showing a little skin too, that shows what you've been through
Used to have a man but then he gave you up
Damn, so now you don't give a fuck
Can't believe you let me hit it on beach
Swear we did it like we do it every week
Sure you remember me
Used to be a backyard guitar rock star
Wasn't no money in my tip jar
Flipped with this bit that might tell you why
Used to be a follower, now all the homies verified
One weekend, every couple years or so
Your girl starts calling me because I'm looking like the Champagne Champion
Nothing like you'd thought it would be
Come on, yeah

I had a lot to learn
I roll it up, let it burn
I had to wait my turn
Turn it up, up
Who I was before
Is not me anymore

She wouldn't do it for the old me
Nah, nah, but she do it for the Champagne Champion
Champagne Champ
Yeah, she do it for the Champagne Champion
Champagne Champ

Welcome to the weekend
The fifth season
From Motel 6, work up to Four Seasons
Happy for no reason
Well, my foe's leaving
Faux furs and chauffeurs on you four turn squares
Started living more circular
Ah, now I'm stuck on a curvature
A fine ass, resemble a wine glass
Teach you how to roll it up, now welcome to high class
Used to be coach seat, low key
Broke me back then sipping on Cobras and still reserves
Every body knows the high life's the [?]
Every weekend, all year long, man
The homies be calling me because we feeling like the Champagne Champions
Nothing like you thought we'd be, uh, yeah

This life that surrounds us
Turn from silver to gold
But you're about it

[?], what up?
Fifth season, what up?
Man, it's the weekend season
What's up?
What, what
Let's go
Uh, west coast
Yeah, it feel so magical, don't it?
Uh, [?]
Yeah, yeah, uh, uh, uh
Let's go, yeah, yeah
Get your hands up, yo, yo
Uh, yeah

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Comments from YouTube:

Jose Gray

Esta canciΓ³n es de las mejores que he escuchado en toda mi vida

you need god in your life

Saw you in concert finally in Inglewood thank you soo much for coming out it in your voice "Oh my goawd" it was amazing lmfao!!!πŸ’•

Paola Leonardis

Come on look at this smile! How can you dislike this video?? He's the Champagne Champion!


You're voice, your lyrics, your features. Defiantly A class. Love your music!! You're fine af

Ailan Feldner

I've been listening to this for a while and I just decided to subscribe because this is some good stuff


Still one of my favorites




I've had this song on repeat ever since I heard it on Songza. Wes is champagne champion!

Rebecca Muli

Love this song!! :)


wes period i hope you make it big. this is really good.

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