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Teenage Dirtbag
Wheatus Lyrics

Her name is Noel
I have a dream about her
She rings my bell
I got gym class in half an hour
Oh, how she rocks
In Keds and tube socks
But she doesn't know who I am
And she doesn't give a damn about me

'Cause I'm just a teenage dirt bag, baby
Yeah, I'm just a teenage dirt bag, baby
Listen to Iron Maiden, baby, with me, ooh

Her boyfriend's a dick
And he brings a gun to school
When he'd simply kick my ass if he knew the truth
He lives on my block
And he drives an IROC
But he doesn't know who I am
And he doesn't give a damn about me

'Cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby
Yeah, I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby
Listen to Iron Maiden, baby, with me, ooh

Oh, yeah, dirtbag
No, she doesn't know what she's missin'
Oh, yeah, dirtbag
No, she doesn't know what she's missin'

Man, I feel like mold
It's prom night and I am lonely
'Lo and behold
She's walkin' over to me
This must be fake
My lip starts to shake
How does she know who I am?
And why does she give a damn about?
"I've got two tickets to Iron Maiden, baby
Come with me Friday, don't say maybe
I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby, like you, ooh"

Oh, yeah, dirtbag
No, she doesn't know what she's missin'
Oh, yeah, dirtbag
No, she doesn't know what she's missin', oh, oh

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Brendan Brown

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Keys giri

Dear Future Self,
I have to admit my expectations for you are pretty low right now, but I hope sometime in the future that will have changed. Just so you know, I'm procrastinating right now with english which is currently the bane of my existence (malec for life btw). Things are pretty mediocre. We've still yet to come out of the never ending pandemic and your last year of school did not at all go how you planned (I hope I didn't speak too soon with my final exams just around the corner). You probably still don't have the rest of your life sorted but THAT'S OK. I just hope you take some time out every day for the little things, going macadamia picking, walks with your mum, standing still in the garden letting your hair blow like you're the main character (it's weird I know don't judge). I hope you do a little less of that, worrying about what others think. Heck, right now I'm worrying about what you're thinking and we're technically the same person? Philosophers reply in the comments. Anyways, you're probably judging so there's no point worrying. I hope you're doing what you love, with the people that you love. Btw: If you haven't found your tilney yet perhaps lower your standards a little.

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while you're at it check this scene out from 500 days of Summer
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Before you pass away from second-hand (or first-hand?) cringe I will end with a few of quotes that I currently dig.

"We didn't realise we were making memories we just knew we were having fun" Winnie The Pooh

"All those moments will be lost in time like pause tears in rain," Roy Batty from Bladerunner (still your favourite movie?)

check the scene out again:(26) Blade Runner - Final scene, "Tears in Rain" Monologue (HD) - YouTube

(with a (un)healthy dose of self-deprecation)


(go check out trollegle btw, see if people remember meta :)

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Back when every movie had a music single. Good times..

Anthony Thomas

This song takes me back to when I was a teenager wish I could go back there

i will have your order

which movie is this from

Erica Paling

First time I realized I was I like girls too. <3 Mina Suvari

Erica Paling

Best times

Andy Tom

I just recorded a folk version of Teenage Dirtbag - would love some peeps to check it out!

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My name myself

Im turning 30 next year. Still singing this master piece.


30 and been belting it since high school. Keep on keepin on, my dudes!

Ryan Wimmer



I just turned 30 ☹

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