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Yes Bitch! She Might Be!
Widow Von'Du Lyrics

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You’ve attacked me. Your comment is an act of violence.

I am now the victim of a hate crime committed by you.

You are the perpetuator of cruelty and evil on a person of color.


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Bernardo Comassetto

Widow is literally so fierce, but she is not getting the recognition and that hurts me

Marketa Davis


Iva Pobi

@Se Bro tempest filler? You just showed how little you actually know about drag community

Carolyn Cervantes

yes I think she is amazing through and through!!!


@Se Bro dont get upset because we called you out for comparing widow to jaidynn because it was racist. they are no where near similar except their skin tone and weight? like please take several seats because u are here to make up for blatant drag race fandom racism. if you would like to know why your claim was racist here we go then luv
1. you compared one black queen to another only because of their skin tone
2. you made it seem like just because theyre filler queens they get less recognition when in reality widow slayed AND was a major part of confessionals and the only other reason as to why her AND heidi haven't gotten much followers is due to blatant racism and colorism.
3. jaidynn didnt really slay like widow did why does gigi have such a high follower count??? cuz shes skinny and white-. i know ur gonna say that she slayed but like really luv????
she won snatch game deservingly but madonna the rusical? also the ball look? bitch how??? she glued trix cereal to a white dress and y'all was like "groundbreaking luv". she is doing mediocre and should've been in the bottom TWICE now. PLEASE put down the jinx delusion. being ignorant isnt a good look on you sis.

Black And Conscious

@Se Bro now your just saying dumb shit cause you got called out Try again

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Jada Allen

I need a Widow and Shea and Aja track with Monique singing the hook we gotta make it happen just picture it

Luciano Santos

read my mind.

Andrew Au

John Francis Aja is actually black! Her biological dad is African


@John Francis I'm not triggered or offended it's just that it's really tiring when y'all say the same jokes all the time thinking you're edgy and funny.

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