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Wim Mertens Lyrics

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billy holmes

i have been looking for this song for 3 years best moment of my life finding it

Mila Olivera

Ever since I first saw Floricienta, in 2004 when I was 11 years old, I wanted so bad to know where to find this. It's one of the most beautiful pieces of music in the world. So touching and sad.

Λαμπρινή Κουτσοθόδωρου

I feel you from Greece ❤️! I heard it for the first time in the "rebelde way" and after in "Floricienta"

Child Lover

Is it a movie?

Benoit Vanhees

At least one good thing that came out of my country...


This song makes me think of a goodbye between friends...or two people who had a great adventure, had happy and sad times together and shared many memories, but in the end they have to part ways.
Maybe they'll never see eachother again...but the memories will remain.

"Goodbye...I will never forget you.
Until we meet again, someday, somewhere."


well said, well said

Lucienne Rivai

everytime I hear this song, tears roll over my cheeks, spontaneously, what a beautiful, song from the heart!! thank you Wim Mertens


Listening to this song, and my surrounding become prettier than before.  It's magic by Mertens.


@Alex Cancino
True dat!

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