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Winter People Lyrics

Do not look for me in the summer heat
Do not look for me in the autumn leaves

Because I've long since passed this way before
And I'm long since down the trail

Do not look for me in your smoke-stacks, your salt-flats
Do not look for me in your dust-bowl cities

Because I've long since passed this way before
And I'm long since down the trail

I'm far out past the borderline
Amongst the animals and the rain
In the company of the dogs
And the shadow of the range

I've carved my name in to the boundary stones
Out where the wind blows cold
There's nothing left now
Of my flesh and bone
Nothing but blue and gold

Contributed by Gianna P. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Natasha Recinos

such a unique and lovely voice . deserves much more recognition.


+Natasha Recinos I'm not ready to share them with the rest of the world just yet.

Antika Maddock

I stumbled across this song on a surfing doco.... Its amazing

Garrett Miller

You guys, this song is AMAZING!!! Hits the spot. makes me think alot about nature. I shared this video with my friends on facebook. You guys are SO talented! This is a song I could listen to over and over.


i want to keep you as my secret but the world deserves to know you. ❤

Dave Em

Theres not enough superlatives to describe it. I'm in love. Another wonderful Aussie band. Well done team!

William Lamon

i love the music, the video looks like its just a get together of some close friends having a good music sesh and its just awesome. Glad I came to stumble across these fine talents :)

Nick van Cuylenburg

I've listened to this song so many bloody times. LOVE IT.

Aster and Ivy

What a calming voice.. this is what I want to listen to as I explore the woods or something. So glad I found these guys :)

Tony Skinner Music

Lovely soundscape with splendid harmonies. Well done guys.

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