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Negions Fail
by Wisp

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Comments from YouTube:


aaaahhhhh dddd da down down down down down down got got got got got got got got gah gah gah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah lak lak lak lak lak lak lak lak think think think think think think

quiet agony

i will always come back to this track. one of my favorite places.

Track Trawler

shut up about boc and aphex.
this is a great track.

Kholden Caulfield

boc do kinda different music. it's more like squarepusher and aphex.

Eoin Mac Raghnaill

Amen brother.

Kevin Chevry

this moment you come back to the tune you overlooked months ago


I listen to Wisp when i'm happy or sad. Wisp is my reward after a bad day. Wisp is my punishment after a bad day, because it forces me to thinking about stuff I don't really want to think about. I listen to Wisp everytime some strong emotions are going through my head. Wisp is the biggest revelation in my life. You may not understand. You may not be able to touch it. But this is fuc*ing real. Thank you Reid for making such music.


this is incredibly creative.

Adam Gradwell

2:29 gave me chills,.. I'm a sucker for tasty harmonics!


It felt like this track was made perfectly, like its so well made that its feels that i listen and understand it at 100% ahahaha idk how to explain

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