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burden boy

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A Hard Day's Night It's been a hard day's night, and I been working…
yesterday Lets repeat and wine down i've lost all my edge…

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DsZ 22

Don't go away.
Stay here and say,
Beautiful words,
With me?

Metal on my arm
Metal on my leg
Metal in my chest.
Keept dragging me
I can't rest.

Forget me and
Stay with the sunlight.
Time will heal
The wounds that I caused
It will be alright.

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cpt. sad

like dis if ur a burden boi




GG man

cpt. sad

@Brandon Haenel :(

Brandon Haenel

My favorite song by you will always be boy toy just like how Macie if thats her real name does us she fake af idgaf what happen to coming seeing me your just a lie

Schiri Beats


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Nina Kościółek

"I hate how people give a shit, just let me rest in peace" - finally someone said that for me


@4NX137Y i totally agree


good song to rest to


I feel so bad for all the depressed and sad people here😢. Whatever you're all going through, I really really hope it gets better for you. Depression is everywhere these days, something I never thought I'd feel. 2018 is a shit year just like the others.

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