YOSHIKA Feat. VERBAL, Sunshine: We need your help!

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*you hear me
Sunshine, give your hand, help us see
Rain, fall with the love, surround the earth
Sunshine, give your hand, help us see
Rain, fall with the love, surround the earth

Hear me sing, la la la
Hear me sing, it goes like this

Oh help us, we got lost on the way
How many lives left this world today
Oh baby baby baby, why we try to run so fast
We don't even know where we are, where to go

Oh helps us, we lost hearts on the way
How many lives have to burn out in anger
Oh baby baby baby, we shouldn't need this no more
(no we shouldn't lose no more)

Forgiveness we ask for what?
All the mistakes are left in past and then we
Again and again,
Just can't stop fighting

Freedom we get for what?
Non-stop desire, want more and more
Sunshine, rainbow after the rain ain't enough to feel the joy


(verbal) baby, it's naturale for us to be like this
My voice you liked it... your voice i liked it
Without a mic test, or mic check we had you get up on the track
M-flo devised and the charts we heisted
"let go", the single was niceness
Then we did another joint and rumors we twiced it
If there was any tears you know i done wiped it
Cuz now situations changed we up-sized things
Uptight kids get mad, and they eyes lit
The crown ring on my finger surprise them
The "michael jackson" round my neck surprise them
Cuz everything my credit card just swipes them
Y'all sleep you better rise and shine
It's like you never seen the sun and
That's why you too light skinned
Alright, can i get a round of applause
Cuz whenever something's poppin off, it's cuz we poppin off kid!

It's so easy to through chances away
Cause we still live alright today
Hey is it only me? now it's hard to
Breathe in reality, it shouldn't be

Forgiveness we ask for what?
It's to promise ourselves that well learn
Don't stop, so don't stop till the sky clears up

Freedom we get for what?
Yeah we've got to be together
We don't wanna lose so no one should fight to be free


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