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Part 1/5
YTPeen: The Misadventures of Skooks Lyrics

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@christian luna WOODY multi woody activated
WOODY image of buzz lightyear flipping off the audience for not being mentioned

 *cuts to a game of wheel of fortune, where one of the options it lands on results in shaggy resisting losing his dong*

makes engine-like noises

arrow lands on Lose Your Dong


hank mentions how he doesnt wanna lose his dong

Jack Lackner

10 years of swooce
10 years of mmm you bet
10 years of sheriff caveman
10 years of simple sis
10 years of the strongman
10 years of scientology
10 years of a 2 million year watchdog

happy 10th anniversary of skooks
thanks orpheusftw

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A decade later and everything still makes me and my friends laugh, all the jokes still hold up, and no series of YTPs since can be considered as iconic as this. Happy 10 years Skooks! :D


@McNibbler Intercourse


@falls angle gaming he comments on stuff every once in a while

falls angle gaming

how is it pinned by orhuesftw? he hasnt made anything fer like 10 years


i'd consider fesh pince just as iconic

Faith Musser

Omg so true I love theses so much

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Herr Doktor von Rottenburg

"Tell us like whats th th whats the plan the plaaaln whats the fuckin plaaan man?"

Spoken like a true stoner.


Simple sis

that1yoshi •_•



The writing's great, and the details really make it.
2:21 is the standout in my opinion, you see four of Shaggy go through the door, which is normal YTP shenanigans with replaying clips over each other. Then you see the four at 2:25 and realize that no, there were actually four running in there.
Then Fred delivers the best line in the series. 

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