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Shock And Awe
YT user (Fibbs1701) Find this on youtube the video is fuckin' great Lyrics

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Ian Gorix

OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT (translated from Bostonian)

Mike: I dunno what this is, but Jay says it's a fuckin' big sea turtle, look--
Jay: No it's a baby whale.
Mike: It's a baby fuckin' whale man! Holy shit we are witnessin' a baby fuckin' whale right here dude! Ho-ly shit! That thing is big, Jay, what is that thing it looks hurt!
Jay: I dunno.
Mike: That thing looks hurt, Jay. Jay that thing is hurt, bro. Ho-ly shit look at this fuckin' thing!
Jay: What is it, then?
Mike: OH MY GOD What the fuck is that bro?
(Jay giggles)
Mike: JAY WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? OH MAN Pull back up Jay! C'mon!
Jay: What if it's mother's around or somethin'?
Mike: Come on bro, pull back up bro! We're seein' some shit we ain't never seen before kid! Oh my god that thing looks dead, man! We gotta call the aquarium or somethin' dude. Oh man, look at this fuckin' thing. Holy shit! What the fuck is that? Oh man Jay it's dead bro or somethin'. Oh my god, Jay. Pull right up next to that shit, Jay! Oh man look at this fuckin' thing!
Jay: Should I--
Mike: Oh man! Look at that Jay! Ho-ly shit! What the fuck is that, kid? You wanna try to pull it in? Let's hook it! Oh man, that thing's just dead. What the hell is it?
Jay: It looks like a fuckin' baby whale.
Mike: Who ya gonna call?
Jay: You got that on video screen?
Mike: Yeah, come on, let's fuckin... let's pull up next to that shit, bro, let's help it!
Jay: the coast guard. It's uh... [illegible]
Mike: Oh man we're callin' the coast guard. Holy shit. Jay stop there it is right here Jay! Oh man look at this fuckin' thing! Holy shit! What IS that fuckin' thing?
Jay: Dude that's a big flounder.
Mike: Oh-- if it's a flounder man, let's pull it in, Jay. Come on! Jay, Jay we could get some big money for that if it's a fuckin' fish, buddy, come on. Let's fuckin' hook that shit, and we'll be on the fuckin' news man. Come on, man, let's get that thing.
Jay: I dunno what the fuck it is, Mike.
Mike: What IS that thing? It needs help, whatever it is dude, it's dyin'. Ho-ly shit. Will ya look at this shit? Oh my god, Jay. Jay look at this fuckin' thing!
Jay: What is it?
Mike: Jay let's get it!
Jay: Yeah he's dyin' right now.
Mike: Let's get it! Oh man, Jay that is a fuckin'-- that's a tuna bro!
Jay: No, no that's a- -
Mike: Jay that's a tuna or somthin' Jay, look at it, come on!
Jay: But it looks like a flounder with the-- with the uh, fins.
Mike: Oh man, Jay let's pull it in dude. LOOK AT THAT FUCKIN' THING! OH MY GOD! Ho-ly shit! Oh my god man we are seein' some shit we ain't seen before. But let's get that fuckin' thing in this boat, Jay, come on!
Jay: You wanna?
Mike: Yeah, let's get in it the boat bro, you got a hook?
Jay: Yeah.
Mike: Alright, let's get it. Oh man you guys are witnessin' what me and Jason Foster, this is Micheal Bergin and Jason Foster, we're about ready to pull this monstrous fuckin' thing on this boat right here. Steve, I hope you're watchin' buddy. Ho-ly shit will you look at this fuckin' thing? What is that thing dude?
Jay: A flounder- -
Mike: Oh my GOD look at this thing! Oh my-- look at this fuckin' thing! Ho-ly shit! Ho-ly shit Jay! Oh my god! Jay's got a little fishin' hook are you shittin' me that's the hook you come-- oh my god. OH WE GOT IT! Oh shit, Jay! Oh my fucking god!
Jay: Oh wow, it snapped right off.
Mike: Oh man, we need to go get that shit bro. Oh we're-- man we need fuckin' help buddy. Oh my god.
Jay: It's dyin'
Mike: Jay, that is still good meat on that fuckin' fish, kid! Am I lyin'?
Jay: No.
Mike: Oh my god, this is fuckin' crazy.

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bin c

The most verbally abused sunfish since the beginning of time

Chris Jones



I think they were more concerned for its well being (in their own way) than abusive

Weird. .Movies1110111

@Davey Concrete call the aquarium or sometin

Davey Concrete

No it's a floundah call the coast gahd

Adam Knudsen

It’s a tuna bro

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Coach John

If only Jay woulda looked at it


I just hope Steve was watching


Thanks! I totally needed that laugh!

Miserable Old Bastard


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