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The Temple of Time
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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I played BOTW for an hour, and realized there was another way to attack instead of throwing my weapons...

...I also found it depressing to see the temple and many other spots in ruin

RF Ataraxia

@I am something Wasn't it like an energy beam or something?

I am something

that was exactly what you did in the old game with your sword


It would make for a strange challenge: throw all your weapons.
Though I guess that's what boomerangs are for


Has anyone returned to the Temple of Time after leaving the Great Plateau? Hearing this song halfway or near the end of your adventure makes you reflect on how far you've come ever since the first time you woke up in the Shrine of Ressurrection.

Kristian Dreaver

I just went there just to climb up the top and then I found a korok

Eric Ramirez

I have returned to the temple many times throughout my time playing BotW. I intend to one more time before I go up to fight Ganon

Eric Ramirez Gaming 101

So sad to see such an iconic temple and piece of Zelda history in ruins, the music helps along in this being slower and a broken up track. I learned that the music is actually a piano version of the track from Ocarina of Time, but the track in Breath of the Wild is broken up and slower than Ocarina of Time. This track represents the history of the temple, as well as how it's in ruins in the present day due to the Calamity.


@Hyper TDM hey could you link where you found this?

Eric Ramirez Gaming 101

@Hyper TDM I didn't know that, thanks for sharing that with me. I didn't know that simply because I've never played ocarina of Time

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