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Dusk Falls
Yasuhisa Baba Lyrics

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Joey Park

Mines pretty similar too, though I’m afraid I’ll have to tie Dusk Falls with another song. Here’s them in order(only map themes, otherwise this list would be way different).

1.Chasing Daybreak
3.God-Shattering Star
4. Desire Below
5. Dusk Falls/No Justice
Honorable Mentions
6. March to Deliverance
7. Dark Wastes
8. ID Hope

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"This mix is fire"


Flora approved


My absolute favourite piece from the game. Fits so well with the preliminary chapters .


You can use this as your castle's BGM


I wish they'd used it a bit more though

Bradley Owens

I legit had this theme as the "My Castle" theme for so long on my first Conquest file.


This music and Pray to the Dark, and I'm at home

Lachie H

There's something just so home like, while the bagpipes give an air of festival to it to brighten it. such a great theme for the castle.




When I first heard this in the game I was amazed! I thought, "If this is just the beginning theme ost then the rest HAS to be good!" Was I right? Of course!!! =D

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