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With People and Darkness
Yasunori Mitsuda、Yasunori Mitsuda Lyrics

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CH10 Spoilers!!!!

The reveal that: indeed Alrest is what remains of Earth, The events of Xenoblade Chronicles 1 is happening at that same time, Klaus IS the Architect and half of Klaus is gone and became the evil god Zanza in a different dimension.. While the actual good part of him remained and tried to remake the world..

This game was (yet again) a masterpiece.

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“Our drivers were brother and sister. That’s why...”

“We’re siblings to, you’re saying? What a dumb notion. They’re them, and we’re us. No relation whatsoever.”


Honestly, I had hard time caring about Patroka

Victor Grisel

Akhos.. Patroka.. Mikhail.. Malos .. Jin .. Lora.. Hugo .. Adam 😔

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo

My favorite theater kid


Eun Jung Lee Late reply but how?


CH10 Spoilers

"All that remained here were the ruins of Morytha... and half of my body."

Mr Lee

@Recht_voor_zijn_raap yes yes


@Mr Lee Even more so when:

When you fought Malos and just at the start of the final phase you cut back to Klaus and all of the sudden you hear Shulk say:
"Today we use our power to fell a God and seize our destiny"
Confirming that both XC1 and 2 took place at the exact same time.

Mr Lee

Every Xenoblade Chronicles 1 fan freaked out at that part


I am an Aegis... created by the Architect to erase existence... the ultimate weapon! The Endbringer!

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