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Octopath Traveler -Main Theme-
Yasunori Nishiki Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Andy Tekampe

Bro this is absolutely amazing. I just love how they reused the same song, but it’s enhanced to where it almost sounds totally new. Like the composer just screaming at us “Octopath is back and better than ever!!!” I’m so ready.

Andy Tekampe

@FuzzyThoughts Oh yes I definitely know about motifs and leitmotifs :) I’ve heard them in many things like Star Wars as you said. Also Back to the Future. Oh and Super Mario and Kirby have a bunch. Undertale’s soundtrack is literally 5 songs split up into many leitmotifs and motifs to make a whole game soundtrack. That’s just to name a few. Obviously there’s millions of things that have motifs/leitmotifs but those are ones I’ve heard that stand out for me.

Anyway, I love the amazing motif used here to create an even better version than the original imo!


In music, "reusing" the same skeleton of a song in multiple ways is known as a 'motif'. Star wars music for example has MANY motifs, and the twists put on them rarely distracts from the core, because they're meant to invoke emotions or a certain mood. Main themes are very often based on a motif.

Joen Yoshua Gonzales Palacios

I agreed totaly wit you


If you listen to the theme of both OT1 and 2 back to back, the difference is quite something.


Thats....I....I cant describe it. I loved the first one and especially the main theme but this is an masterpiece on another level. How is it possible to make a masterpiece 10x better? 😳 absolutely love it <3


I need a demo for this game so badly


Wish granted! Go try it! This games amazing

Andy Tekampe

Hopefully we’ll get one sometime soon. Maybe even end of the year if we’re lucky. I know the first game had an early demo too when it was about 3 months or so from release. Fingers crossed!


There probably will be one at the end of the year

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