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Yellow Magic Orchestra Lyrics

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This song is 40 years old this month. It sure doesn't sound like it.


@Luke Eynon it's 41st now lol

Luke Eynon

50 now and I don’t know if humans will make it to see it’s 51st

Sai Fujiwarano

famous Music in the World


yes it does lol

Sawbones Quad

@1967sfoman Funny you put it that way, YMO's whole gimmick was satirizing international perception of Asian countries at the time as mysterious places of efficiency, right down to the way they dressed. So very much so.

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Slimes Friend brought me here


lmao imagine getting worked up cause someone wants to reference someone for likes, that’s their business not yours

Ethan Finau

@BeastK Gaming Ok Boomer

Jack The Boy

@BeastK Gaming ok boomer

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