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For You and Me
Yellow Pearl Lyrics

Well hello my old friend, I hear you fly no more
Is it true what they say, it's love you're dying for
We used to fly every way, what are you hiding for

'Cause over the mountains, there's a place by the sea
there still is some time, some time for you and me
they tell you it's over, but I don't agree
there still is some time to be free, somte time for you and me

Well hello my old friend, I hear you cry no more
Are you running out of tears, this soul you're fighting for
We used to rime every word, but I can see it hurts


all you got to do, is look into my eyes, look into my eyes, and you'll
see I understand, I will help you out my friend
All you got to do, is look into my eyes, stop believing lies, not only
The wind cries, only the wind cries


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Comments from YouTube:


Classic song!
Love it.
Emiel please come back, show them!


My favorite song of you guys!

Summer Time

Heerlijk nummer!! <3

Adriaan Camambert

Schitterend nummer! De tijd te ver vooruit en daarom geen kans op het NSF 2004

Rob Ruitenberg

Couple of things and I know I’m right so don’t try to argue here should have been more high hat in the beginning secondly that solo ends too soon it’s about 2 or 3 notes short of a climax they could have blown it there it’s still a fucking awesome song love it I love it

Sybe Van Der Ploeg

Mooi nummer


bedankt voor het uploaden!

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