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Deep Blue Eyes
Yeopso Lyrics

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who is who, always who is singing:

0:38 Name: Yooa Group: oh my girl
0:48 Name: Somi Group: was IOI
1:01 Name: Sohee Group: was IBI/ Civa
1:04 Name: Seulgi Group: Redvelvet
1:14 Name: Sujeong Group: Lovelyz
1:44 Name: D.Ana Group: Sonamoo ♡
3:13 Name: Moonbyul Group: Mamamoo

thank you Jinyoung for this amazing collaboration ❣


Moonbyul is our next Yezi,
(because of the way she raps, so cool)

YooA is also our next Hyoyeon, (her dancing skills are so ..)

D.ana is our next CL,
(because of the way she raps also, so iconic)

Sujeong our next Taeyeon, (because of her voice)

Seulgi is our next Whee in (because of the seductive & unique voice)

Somi is our next Yoona,
(the way she dances and her voice)

Sohee is our next hyejeong,
(because her voice is so catchy, and always the second main vocal)

All did so well 👏 ❤️

baby facade

Those some good facts
But I feel like the Warner version they wiped the original audio (live performance) and put in the recording studio thing over it as an official track kind of thing (the differences in the bass quality and reverb is different idk if they purposely edited it that way to make it sound live but who knows lol)
Ah and the ones featured in the episodes use the ones w the cheers

Regardless I honestly can't tell if it's edited or not
I can't argue that it's real because I have no solid backing but I'd say the edited is speculation as well

In the end, thanks for trying to reason and clarify. I appreciate the effort haha I totally get where you are coming from


Jewel January

+Rachelle H. This performance was filmed for the drama and they did not use a real audience, the cheers are only inserted to the video for the drama version (which you can confirm by looking for the version uploaded to Warner Music Korea where there are no cheers whatsoever).

Web drama name: Let's Only Walk The Flower Road

Episodes where you can see this (btw fake) performance: Episode 1 at minute 4:05, episode 7 at minute 8:07, and episode 8/final at minute 2:53.

If you want to see a real performance of this song they did perform it at Music Bank on July 14 as an official debut stage.

You wanted facts, I gave you the facts.

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Call me Your Dai5y

Okay but can we have appreciation for Seulgi and Moonbyul who are doing this while also promoting in their own groups!


@Bani Wahyu Nugroho their debut stage with this was in July, so they kinda promoted at the same time as Red Velvet for Red Flavor.

Silvie Julian

@Alvin Priersa Chairawan y It is

Alvin Priersa Chairawan

@Silvie Julian it is sohee(?)

Silvie Julian

Every girl here is doing this while promoting except for.....(i forgot her name)

Marcus lao

Stan for my seulgi🤣🤣

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Olivia Famic

For those fangirls screaming over moonbyul:



@æspa winter fanboy Moon Byul she is the main rapper in her group MAMAMOO in this vid she is with blonde hair she appears at 3:11

æspa winter fanboy

Moonbul who?

Klyde Matthew

@Johann S lol this is true, the fanchants are not fake

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